About artist Sally Watters and her stunning jewelry that is inspired by beach glass, small pebbles and other found objects that are tumbled and washed up by Lake Superior…

The beaches and lakefront of Lake Superior continue to provide much of Sally’s inspiration, as well as many of the materials. She has always been intrigued by and drawn to nature. From the colors, to the way things move and blend together in odd ways, to the subtle and unique patterns. Sally’s work reflects that and helps people see the artful side of objects that is sometimes overlooked.

Sally was born in a remote area of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula but moved to the city when she was young. Although she has lived all over the US and in Canada, she returns each summer to this area and her family cottage along Lake Superior. Many enjoyable hours have been spent walking the beach and collecting treasures. She feels there is something very calming and inspiring about being on a quiet beach and never dreamed it would take her on this wonderful journey.

After graduating from Michigan Technological University with a degree in Business Administration, getting married and raising a family, she was able to devote more time to her love for the outdoors, beach combing and unique and interesting designs. Six ’n Stonz is the expression of that and so much more. By watching tutorials, reading books and periodicals and taking many classes in metal fabrication/jewelry, Sally has been able to make her dream a reality.

While the jewelry pieces are inspired by the things she collects, Sally uses various metal smith techniques along with precious metals in the fabrication of each piece. The pebbles, beach glass and weathered metal pieces that are incorporated in many of the pieces have been tumbled to a smooth finish by years of Lake Superior’s pounding waves. They often have an abstract yet contemporary feel. The interesting found objects essentially dictate the direction of her designs, making each piece of jewelry unique.

Sally’s artwork is sold at juried art shows across the country, select galleries, and through recommendations from her customers.